SQ Wax application for Road usage

SQWAX200SQ Wax application for Road usage

For road riding we suggest applying a thin stream on the inside of the chain as you rotate the cranks backwards. Allow a few minutes for the lube to penetrate into the gaps between the pins, plates and rollers, and then wipe the outside of the chain with a rag, taking most of the remaining lube off. The lube is needed inside the chain, not on the outside.

It seems that with continuous use of SQ Wax on surfaced roads in certain conditions, there is a slight black colour that appears on the chain. Our assumption is that it is a result of rubber particles from car tyres that have worn off, which are picked up through a kind of static electricity generated by the bicycle tires, and sticks to the wax on the chain.

We know that car tires wear down, and since the areas surrounding the roads are not covered in black rubber, the only reasonable deduction is that it is still polluting the road.

When you rub the black gunk between your fingers you will notice it is a soft compound. In our opinion this is not damaging to the drive train, but it is unsightly. The best option is to clean the remaining bit off with Squirt Bio Bike Ready to Use wash, environmentally friendly and effective. Don’t use a harsh degreaser, as you do not want to remove the SQ Wax inside the chain.
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